Ways to Obtain Tech Skills for Free

Ways to Obtain Tech Skills for Free

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Obtaining IT degree is a popular choice for those who want to pursue a tech career and earn good money. Nevertheless, in the most cases, a degree in IT requires putting a lump sum into education. So if you are looking for the best programming languages to learn and want to keep money in your pocket, there are some free ways of mastering your IT skills for free. This article is aimed at providing you with a priceless information about free programs and courses for tech lovers.

1. The first option is represented by Codeacademy coding classes. You can learn up to 12 programming and markup languages for free. So if you are interested in learning Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, React.js or some other language, and get a hands-on experience of using them, all you have to do is to create a pro account on the Codeacademy’s website and enjoy your study. Pro account will cost you $19.99 per month but if you do not want to pay for it, you can always choose one of the basic courses.

2. There is a for-profit education organization known as Dash General Assembly where you can learn the basics of web application development. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are included in free online programs.

3. One of the most popular online courses provider, EdX, offers university-level courses created by leading universities such as Harvard and MIT. Besides getting learning material for free, students of such courses are also provided with the ability to interact in a forum, ask questions and consulting with their teaching assistants. Although such courses will not provide you with a degree in IT, you will receive a certificate right upon the end of your course.

4. Studying at Harvard can sound like nothing but a vain dream, but the university shares course materials, lectures, programs and other content nearly on every IT topic for free, providing you with the ability to learn from the best.

5. There is one more non-profit educational organization aimed at educating students for free. Since 2006, Khan Academy provides online access to the learning materials, given in the form of YouTube videos. What is more, students can do additional exercises. The best thing about Khan Academy is that all lessons can be accessed on a mobile and are generally translated into your native language (at least subtitled). Although you will not receive nor a degree, nor a certificate, you can learn a lot absolutely for free, from any device with the access to the internet.