Talk Time for Tots DVDs – Helpful for Toddler Speech Development

Talk Time for Tots DVDs

At eighteen months the baby has learnt to walk on its own, but it is simply amazing when your child starts to speak. Children can easily absorb and learn language and do this rather quickly. Some three year olds can manage a bit of a small conversation too depending on what they hear in their environment.

The first logical step is to talk more to your kids so that they listen to many words. However, considering the fact that adults have their own speech patterns it may not be possible for the child to pick them up too easily. Talk Time for Tots DVD series are a fun, interactive way to bond with your child while developing speech and literacy skills. This series easily accomplishes the task of elaborating words so that tiny tots can pick them up quickly and say them too. Enjoy the expression of delight & pride on your child’s face as their world expands word by word!

The video has young children just like your children so they hold your child’s attention and help them pronounce words effortlessly. When you show the Talk Time for Tots Educational Videos for Toddlers to your children, you will find them trying to repeat the syllables and words the children say in the videos. This is a fantastic way to teach your child to improve speech and develop vocabulary. In addition, the videos also have rhymes and songs which give a musical expression to words making it easier to learn them as your kids hum them.

When your child hears the targeted sound spoken correctly by other children in syllables, words and phrases in all word positions, he or she will try to imitate them too. He or she will be provided placement cues and encouraged to imitate the correct production of the targeted sound. Fun songs and tongue twisters reinforce awareness and correct production of sounds while a silly faces segment promotes oral motor awareness.

Teachers and speech pathologists agree, sound and oral motor awareness are essential for a young child’s Toddler Speech Development which are necessary for reading and correct speech articulation.

As a parent, it is important that you listen when your child speaks words heard in the video. Even though you want to listen and respond, make sure you’re not overly enthusiastic you inadvertently interrupt them when they’re mid-thought. Practice listening when your toddler is speaking. All you have to do is just make eye contact and let him or her know that you are listening. Don’t finish his or her sentences.