Finding Affordable Textbooks

Finding Affordable Textbooks

As each university student knows, buying textbooks is an expensive proposition. Some current surveys have shown that a sizeable number of students are skipping the acquisition of textbooks and trying to get by utilizing the Web, Google, the college library or by borrowing the textbook from fellow scholars. There are methods to find textbooks at lower prices with just a little looking. There are some ideas to consider.

One source is to try out textbook rentals. Textbooks can be rented for rather less than half the price of buying a new textbook. Textbook rentals are especially attractive after a new book or updated version of the book has been introduced and there’s no secondhand stock of the book available.

You must also look for used versions of your required textbooks online. There are an amazing number of sites online buying and selling used textbooks. With the variety of sites available a wide range of prices exist to both by used textbooks and to sell textbooks back when you are done with them.

Look into alternate versions of the textbook. Many times you can save substantial money by buying the international edition of a textbook. Another savings trick’s to buy the previous year’s copy of the textbook. An international edition should have the very same content as the current edition. A prior version of the existing textbook might be substantially similar and a check with the professor may point to if this is a likely avenue for you to take.

Whichever direction you make a decision to go you need be sure and compare textbook prices using a good online price comparison tool. A good price comparison website will give you a statement listing all the major rental sources and their prices, the buy and sell back costs for used textbooks, the availability and rates of digital textbooks, and even the present rates for international editions and previous versions.