Auto Mechanics Have A Solid Future Ahead Of Them

Auto Mechanics Have A Solid Future Ahead Of Them

High school graduates who are interested in cars and even have experience repairing their own vehicles often consider a post-secondary automotive program. Such a program prepares students for rewarding careers as auto repair technicians. If you are thinking about becoming an auto technician, look into the requirements and challenges of this career to see if this type of program is the right step for you. Those interested will find information for online education degrees helpful as they progress.

The auto repair field has changed dramatically and will continue to evolve in the future. Practices have changed due to the rapidly developing technology in the auto industry. Whereas auto repair technicians of the past completed high school automotive programs or learned skills on-the-job, today’s technicians have little option but to enroll in post-secondary education in order to acquire the complex knowledge needed to repair the automobiles of today.

You have a few options for your automotive training after high school. You could opt to enroll in a technical or trade school, earning a certificate in automotive repair. You could also enter a community college, earning your Associate’s degree. An Associate’s degree is more involved than a certificate program, but may end up serving you better. Along with your auto repair classes, you will take general educational courses, such as math, English, and computer skills, to better prepare you for your career.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to become a fully-qualified technician, so if you are looking for a less complicated vocation, auto repair is not for you. Expect to spend several years working in your field, in addition to your post-secondary educational program, before you are considered experienced. Many technicians start out as assistants or lubrication and tire-change workers to gain work experience before becoming auto technicians.

Auto technicians work in a continually changing field. As a technician, you will have to continue your education long after you graduate from an automotive program, taking workshops and classes to learn about new methods and innovations in automobile repair. It helps to be a person who is naturally able to adapt to changes.

Depending on your employer, you will have to be certified regularly by ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence. This set of eight exams tests you in different skill areas. It is not enough to be a competent mechanic – you will also have to have test-taking skills, as these written exams can be challenging. Passing all eight exams qualifies you to be a highly-employable Master Technician. To get the most out of this make sure you spend some time researching online certificate programs before enrolling.

Keep in mind that being an auto technician can be rough on the body. The labor can be strenuous and takes place in all weather conditions. You will be required to crouch, bend, kneel, and stand on hard surfaces all day long, so you should be in excellent physical health. You should also be strong enough to lift heavy objects, such as parts and tools.

An auto technician can be a rewarding job, especially for those who enjoy fixing things and are knowledgeable about cars already. Even if you already have some experience repairing autos, a post-secondary automotive Associate degree program can give you the boost you need to turn your hobby into a career.