Are There Laws About Homeschooling

Are There Laws About Homeschooling

Although home learning is the original method of educating, today it is an alternative to public and private school education. By definition, homeschool or homeschooling is the educating of children at home.

Homeschooling provides a legal option for parents wanting an alternative learning environment for their children. The laws and requirements that allow it differ by state. Making oneself familiar with the requirements of the state where you reside is recommended before beginning.

In past history, prior to formal classroom and compulsory schooling, the responsibility of teaching the children rested with the parents. Most children were taught through regular participation in daily chores, community, church, apprenticeships and internships. Occasionally a tutor or professional teacher was hired and shared by multiple families for short time periods throughout the year.

The reasons for choosing to educate in this fashion are wide and varied. They range anywhere from religious beliefs to convenience to simply feeling that a parent can do a better job than what is currently offered.

Common myths that surround homeschoolers proclaim that they lack in social skills, receive a poor education and lack the educational requirements to attend college. The truth is that the education is not only adequate, but often superior to their public school counterparts. Achievement test scores are quite often higher allowing children taught at home entrance to the colleges of choice. Socially, more opportunities are available because of a flexible learning schedule.
It is easy to think that homeschooling will make the job of parenting simpler. Actually the opposite is true and very careful consideration should be given to the decision as it requires a great deal of determination, commitment, patience and organization.

Once you decide, choose your curriculum, get organized and locate a local support group. Set up records, a routine but flexible schedule and realistic goals.
Homeschooling can be difficult even for seasoned parents. Its not just new for the kids, it is new to the parent as well. Seek advice and support from others.