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Today’s video, featuring Susan Ohanian: 

[reClaiming the Conversation on Education VIDEO #3] Susan Ohanian is a longtime teacher whose 300 articles have appeared in periodicals ranging from Parents, USA Today, and The Atlantic to Phi Delta Kappan and Substance. She has written 25 books on education policy and practice, giving a teacher view of reality. With the passage of No Child Left Behind, she started a website of resistance and has found no reason to stop. The website received the NCTE George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution for Honesty and Clarity in Public Language.

On May 4, 2013, teachers, parents, students, scholars, and administrators gathered together at Barnard College in the city of New York to work toward the common goal of reclaiming the conversation on education. In the one day conference, they shared their experiences with educational “reforms”, imagined equitable and sustainable alternatives, built coalitions and supported resistance to the standardization, privatization and corporate take-over of education. These series of video interviews tell the story of the educators, scholars, leaders, parents, and activists in their fight for education reform. Watch, and join us in continuing the conversation.

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Director: Yen Yen Woo

Editor: Eric Hendricks

Director of Photography: Richard D’Angelo

Stills Photography: Shigemi Iyota

Assistant Director: Rita Laterça

Camera Assistant: Tony Perez

Additional videography support provided by the Educational Video Center

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